In order to use the system, we'll need to register a domain name and configure some DNS settings correctly. We add 5Gigs of storage space to the domain ftp account, so you have a place to keep all of your social media image/video files. Setting things up for you takes a little time, so we charge a small set up fee to avoid time wasters.

    The set up fee is £9.50, and covers your first month's use. The setup fee is not refundable, however there is no long term contract, so you can stop using the service at any point.

    Billing is done monthly via credit card payment, using EpayUK, our UK partner. Billing is in UK pounds only.

    When you sign up for the service, you receive a single control panel with a limit of 5 Zones.

    For only £9.50 per month, you get:

    A control panel with a limit of 5 Zones.

    EACH ZONE connects to 1 of each type of social media account. For £9.50 per month you can therefore connect to:

    5 Twitter accounts
    5 Facebook accounts
    5 LinkedIn accounts
    5 Google+ accounts
    5 Instagram accounts
    5 Pinterest accounts
    5 Tumblr accounts
    5 Buffer accounts

    Purchase additional blocks of 5 Zones for an additional £5.00 per month.