Want to be a Social Media Manager?

    Looking for an additional revenue stream? Why not offer businesses your social media services, automating their daily posts on all platforms, while using our simple to use PLAYLISTING Application. Create playlists for each client, connect their social media accounts, and we do the rest. Look at our features page to see the long list of customisations to help you give your clients something special. Keeping you and your clients "front of mind" on social media, requires an effective automated approach, while still allowing your content to be information you have personally curated and added to the system in advance. Using ever green content (content which has no relevance expiry date.), means you can leave your content to continuously republish once a playlist has completed. Our Tag Group feature lets each post stay unique, even when a playlist rebroadcasts. A post will never appear exactly the same.

    As a White Label Reseller, you can offer your clients there own control panel for managing their playlists, with your own logo, at your own pricing. We remain completely invisible, so you can sell it as your own service. The solution also includes playlisting for digital screens, mobile phones and website frames.

    Why sign up with StreamChannel?

    For only £9.50 per month, you get:

    A control panel with a limit of 5 Zones.

    EACH ZONE connects to 1 of each type of social media account. For £9.50 per month you can therefore connect to:

    5 Twitter accounts
    5 Facebook accounts
    5 LinkedIn accounts
    5 Google+ accounts
    5 Instagram accounts
    5 Pinterest accounts
    5 Tumblr accounts
    5 Buffer accounts

    Purchase additional blocks of 5 Zones for an additional £5.00 per month.